Since establishing the CGA in 2001, the CGA has worked to bring together stakeholders to enhance the damage prevention process and reduce damages to underground utilities. CGA’s Damage Information Reporting Tool annual report consistently shows that the estimated total number of underground utility damages occurring is trending downward despite an increase in overall construction activity. CGA’s members should be congratulated – this significant reduction can be attributed in great part to the collective work of our membership.

By collaborating across industries on best practices, 811, DIRT and other key initiatives, CGA’s members have proven that building consensus brings results. As we look to the future, supporting the CGA through membership and participation remains one of the most important things your company can do to prevent future damages. 

To effectively fulfill our vision of shared responsibility in years to come, the CGA will continue to seek input and participation from the broadest possible representation of damage prevention stakeholders. Our greatest strength comes from the commitment and collaboration of the 16 different stakeholder groups represented within the CGA. Each volunteer's unique talents and knowledge bring synergy to the CGA.  For additional details on membership options, visit membership structure and information

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