Damage prevention starts with one phone call, and since 2007 the phone number for that call has been 811. 811 serves as an easy-to-remember phone number for the professional excavators and homeowners who call it, and for the damage prevention stakeholders who promote it. CGA’s 811 promotional campaign strikes a balance between large-scale national initiatives, executed in partnership with CGA sponsors and members, and a toolkit of educational materials designed to provide guidance for all damage prevention stakeholders’ outreach efforts.

Target audiences for the 811 campaign are determined by analyzing information in the annual DIRT Report, a product of the Data Collection program. Key target audiences for the 811 campaign include farmers, landscapers and fence contractors, along with homeowners who dig on their own property. The 811 program reaches millions of Americans every year through campaigns that include high-profile sports sponsorships, outdoor signage, news coverage and sweepstakes. For more information about 811, visit www.call811.com.

Jockey Victor Espinoza promoting 811