Regional Partners

The Regional Partners program started in 2002, as a way to connect the national CGA mission of shared responsibility and partnership with groups of local stakeholders called Regional CGAs. Currently, there are more than 70 Regional Partners playing critical local roles in damage prevention in their respective geographic areas.

As the local ambassadors of the CGA mission, Regional CGAs have been instrumental in creating state-wide summits and conferences, giving stakeholders who are unable to attend the national CGA annual meeting an opportunity to learn new damage prevention skills.

CGA’s Regional Partners consistently use the CGA Communications Plan to inspire their safe digging outreach among professional excavators and the general public. But just as frequently, Regional Partners’ creative events and campaigns – like hosting skill competitions for locate technicians, creating scholarship programs for current and future diggers and arranging awareness seminars featuring unique guest speakers – inspire case studies featured in the Communications Plan.

Dig Alert Rose Parade float image
Dig Alert Rose Parade float

Regional Partners by Location

Regional Partners by Location